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Eyelash Extensions

Lash applications performed at Georgetown on the Perimeter

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Eyelash extensions are the ultimate beauty accessory for every woman! Hi, my name is Rosvie Mitchell, and I’ve been wearing lash extensions for over five years now.  I’m a firm believer in the difference in your appearance lash extensions can make. My experience, training and expertise of seven years and counting is one of the reasons I am a trusted and certified lash extension professional who continue to provide excellent, high quality, natural looking lashes


What is the process?


Semi-permanent or permanent lash extensions are applied directly to each individual eyelash with safe surgical glue.  Lashes look and feel totally natural and last as long as you refill them.  You can swim, shower and exercise worry-free as the lashes are 100% waterproof!  Lashes come in synthetic or authentic MINK lashes in variety of length.  Each application is catered to your eye shape and preference. 


Approximate Time for Application/Removal


The minimum expected time for a full set is one hour.  For more volume, the application can take at least two hours.

Refill application is at least thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the condition of existing lashes.

Removal time is at least forty-five minutes.


Service Price List


SO SPOILED-Half set of 30 lashes, are applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, per eye.  Subtly enhance your lashes and accentuate the corner of your eyes only.  For our most natural full set the NATURAL set is recommended.  ($99)


SPOILED CHIC-Set of 50 lashes are applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, per eye.  Designed to give you longer and thicker lashes while still looking conservative.  ($125)


SPOILED DIVA-Set of 70 lashes are applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, per eye.  One of our most loved set that will transform your eyes with lifted, thicker, longer lashes.  ($150)


SPOILED ROYAL-Set of 90 lashes are applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, per eye.  Lashes till the very last strand.  For over the top, extreme thickness and glamour.  ($175)


SPOILED VOLUME-Multiple strands of 2-6 lashes are applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, per eye, giving you volume.  ($275)


UPGRADE TO MINK- For authentic MINK please inquire for promotional pricing (More natural, lighter weight, fluffier lashes made of authentic MINK fur)


BOTTOM LASHES-Up to 20 lashes.  Toss your mascara for good!  Bottom lashes add depth and balance to the eyes.  ($50)


INFILL-Up to 30 lashes per eye, recommended every 2-3 weeks.  Must have 50% of initial set remaining.  ($75)


REMOVAL-Removal time is at least forty-five minutes.  However if special circumstances require more time price is adjusted.  ($100/hour)



Customer Service/After Care


-An after care card with a list of instruction of how to care for your lash extensions is provided.

-24hrs/7days customer care service available.

-Flexible to travel to clients location.

-Emergency call for pop up appointment accepted. 





I would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have or schedule your appointment.  Feel free to contact me via phone or email.  

Phone: (757) 447-4647